Voice, Body and Self

Workshop med Saule Ryan och Carol Mendelsohn

När: Söndag 28 augusti 09.00 – 13.00
Plats: Örebro Universitet, Musikhögskolan
Pris: 300 kr per person
OBS workshopen genomförs på engelska

Workshopen genomförs som ett samarbete mellan Teater Martin Mutter, Teaterkängan och Örebro universitet

You are welcome to attend a workshop with Saule Ryan and Carol Mendelsohn, voice teachers and performers, from Centre Artistique International Roy Hart.
The workshop will focus on the connection between voice and body. It is not a voice
workshop for professional singers but rather a workshop towards developing your inner voice and its connection to the body in everyday life as well as theatre performances. With the words of Carol Mendelsohn:

In connecting the body and the voice, I feel that a selfawareness develops that gives life a
fuller expression. An awareness of self gives a better awareness of others and fosters
relationships of a profound nature.

The workshop format will include a physical warm up, group improvisations in the space with voice and body, and some voice work at the piano in two smaller groups where we will
explore different vocal colours and qualities with the aim of helping each person find a fuller and richer way of expressing themselves. This will include a lot of play!

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