Martin Mutter in English

Martin Mutter theatre is an independent theatre company based in Örebro. Formed in 1987, we produce theatre mainly for children though also for adults. We perform between 190 and 260 shows a year, either on our own stage or on tour.

Martin Mutter theatre is financially supported by the Swedish arts council, Örebro Council and Region Örebro County, although a large part of our activities are financed by the revenue from ticket sales.

We are members of Teatercentrum.

We have a spacious stage area that can be easily transformed in numerous ways.

For more information and/or bookings please call +4619-101024 or email:

Productions going on tour

Loneliest whale in the worldSomewhere in the ocean swims an ancient whale, all alone. For years it has been swimming around, singing, calling and waiting for another whale to answer, but an answer never comes. The loneliest whale in the world sings in its own language, a language that is incomprehensible to other whales.

We present a mini performance about deep feelings, loneliness and a large animal. For all of you who have ever been lost in the store, or have had no one to play with, or for those who like to sit alone in peace and quiet.

A visual, happy cum sad performance with watermusic.

Is available in english.


Below you can download a PDF with tourdetails.

Loneliest whale in the world