Beware! – a consolation operation

”Once I fell from the swing and cut myself on the scissors. There were holes in my head”

Every wound is a tiny trauma. Every little scar carries a story. The world is full of dangerous things; stairs, scissors and sharks. It’s important to be aware! The body can be fragile and easily break. How can we mend it? With mainly nonverbal communication, this consoling dance drama, welcomes everybody from 4 years.

Aino and Anita work for the Institute for Consolation and invite you all to a lecture. They both take their job very seriously and are very thorough, but also worryingly clumsy.Accident are often lurking just around the corner….

Beware! – a consolation operation is a visual, humorous and blood-dripping show about the magic of plasters and bandages and the need to share stories about the wounds we have.

Choereographer: Disa Krosness
Composer: Johan Renman
Manuscript: Disa Krosness, Åsa Gustafsson, Helena Hedlund Actors: Åsa Gustafsson, Sarah Broberg
Costume designer: Catherine Giacomini
Set designer: Frida Thofelt
Techniques: Johan Dahlström
Sign language consultant: Kristina Snow

My Soós Stave, producer